Doko Film Fest 2019- Report

Video report on Doko Film Fest 2019

Produced by Anna King

Student at UofSC, School of Journalism

Welcome by James Jude Courtney aka Michael Myers (Halloween)

Produced by Modos Media

Doko Film Fest 2019 Winners

Doko Film Fest:

Local Hero: Best Festival Film and Short.

Produced by Luke Evans (SC)

Doko Film Fest

Forbidden Fruit: Best Animation

Produced by: Sophia Rigg (TX)

Doko Film Fest

Being Anthony Stewart: Best Documentary 

Director: Madison Taylor (SC)

Doko Film Fest 2019

Now Hiring: Best Comedy

Director: Jack Mathews (TX)

Doko Film Fest

Queen and King: Best Music Video

Director: Haille Gold (SC)